Management Simulation Business Game called CHANAKYA
(8 & 9th December 2011)



The Ghaziabad Management Association, along with AKGIM organized a two day workshop in form of Management Simulation Business Game called CHANAKYA on 8th & 9th December 2011 at AKGIM campus. This game was conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA).


The event was steered by Shri Vikas Gupta, Director Business Simulations and Shri Vijay Singh from the Games division of AIMA.

Business Game 'Chanakya' is a simulation game where teams of four persons each are made to represent the decision makers of a company. They are required to take the most profitable decision for their company under circumstances and vagaries created to simulate the actual business scenarios that can prevail. In this event, participation was in form of 7 teams from management cadre of Industries, and faculty from Management College.


Mr. Puneet Kumar Jain, Mr. Hitanshu Maheshwari, Ms. Anjana Chugh and Mr. Ashish Jha's team from Bharat Electronics Ltd., stood first. Team from International Tobacco Ltd stood second with the following members comprising of Mr. Quseem Chaudhary, Mr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Vipin Kumar Jain, Mr. Akshay Khashu .

The other teams which participated were from the following organizations, AKGIM, Bharat Electronics Limited, International Tobacco Co. Ltd., NTPC, Dadri , NTPC, NCR (HQ), Noida, Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd.

Dr. R.K Agarwal, Director AKGEC, Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava, Director AKGIM and Shri Vinay Gupta Executive Director , GMA, gave away the prizes and certificates to the participants.


This event was widely appreciated and enjoyed by all the participants. They assured that on commercial front and as a team, their vision has broadened and they have learnt a great deal in just two days, which they usually learn with one year of work experience.