Guest Lecture 2011

Mr. Ashim Nayar

Mr. Ashim Nayar, CEO – Agro Food Ltd, interacted with students of AKGIM on 29th of April, 2011. He shared his experiences and intelligences with the students and discussed about the skills which are required by the entrepreneurs. He stressed on actual identification and utilization of the opportunities to become the successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Vinay Gupta

Mr. Vinay Gupta, former Vice President (HR) in the cement division of Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JP Associate) and a former General Manager (Human Resources) at National Capital Region Head Quarters of NTPC Ltd, delivered a guest lecture on GMA and the benefits of GMA membership on 4th May, 2011 at AKGIM Campus. Session turned to be very useful session for the budding managers.

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi, Professor (ITS Group of Institutions), delivered a lecture on "Research Techniques in Management using SPSS Software" on 27th April 2011. Mr. Tyagi discussed how the data enters into SPSS from questionnaire and how the analysis is done. The objective of this lecture is to equip the student with SPSS software which they can use in their Summer Internship Projects.

Prof. S C Srivastava

Prof S C Srivastava, Secretary General National Labour Law Association, and also served the Law Commission of India during 1992-97 and Indian Law Institute as Research Professor from 1998-2004, addressed to the AKGIM students on April 4, 2011 and shared with them the implications of Law in business. The students enjoyed the session and had a good amount of learning of the legal concepts.

Ms. Sarah John

Ms. Sarah John, Senior Manager –Human Resources (TCS) delivered the lecture "Relevance of HR in Modern Organizations" to PGDM I Yr. Students. A Masters in Human Resources from the Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Ms. John has a career track of 12 years in various capacities in the HR department with Tata Consultancy Services. She discussed the various roles a HR Manager has to adopt at various points of time, for fulfilling the Organizational objectives. Session was very informative and participative, students enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Mr. Dheeraj Tandon

Mr. Dheeraj Tandon Manager Corporate HR JK Organisation (EZ) New Delhi , delivered a guest lecture on "Current HR Practices and Issues in the Businesses" on 22 April, 2011. He discussed about the latest challenges which are faced by the Managers in the today's world and how they solve them in the practical manner.

Dr. G.D. Sardana

Dr. G.D. Sardana Professor (Productions and Operations Management) interacted with students of PGDM I Yr. on the topic "Role of outsourcing in present business scenario" on 10 March, 2011 at AKGIM Campus. He spoke to students at length, about the importance and types of outsourcing.

Dr. K. C. Gupta

As part of Industry- Interface Programme, Dr.K.C.Gupta, Corporate Deputy HR Manager, M/S KRIBHCO, delivered a guest lecturer in the AKGIM Campus on 18th of March, 2011. He discussed with students about the new age skills required by today's Managers and also about the employment opportunities in the Fertilizer Sector.