Guest Lecture 2015

Mr.Sanjeev Goyal

Mr. Sanjeev Goyal, Joint Director ICWAI, delivered a lecture on "Strategic Cost Management" to the students of AKGIM on 3rd October 2015. Mr. Goyal discussed about various dimensions of cost management such as target costing, life cycle costing, profit relationship, quality, cost price and how it can be applied in various business scenarios in different countries. The session was very interactive and participative. Students had an enriching experience.


A guest lecture on "Positive Attitude, Vigour behind Success" by Dr.K.K.Sabharwal was organized for MBA students on 23rd September, 2015 for two hours. Dr. Sabharwal shared his expertise on how to improve performance by having positive mind and attitude. He also made students understand how individual productivity can enhance with ethics and the power of stringent efforts. Dr. Sabharwal created a positive aura which moved the students with positivity.

Dr. Atul Jain

Dr. Atul Jain, Director higher education academy for development, delivered a Guest Lecture on 22nd September 2015 on "Talent Acquisition – A window to corporate world" at AKGIM. Dr Jain discussed about various tools of recruitment and selection process. He also discussed various formats about the job description, job specification and KRA's that are implemented in various organizations. He also briefed students about various focal points that student should keep in mind at the time of interview. During this session, students came to know about expectations of HR at the time of interview. Session was thoroughly enjoyed.

Prof. Shelendra K. Tyagi

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi, Professor (ITS Group of Institutions), delivered a lecture on "Research Techniques in Management using SPSS Software" on 27th April 2011. Mr. Tyagi discussed how the data enters into SPSS from questionnaire and how the analysis is done. The objective of this lecture is to equip the student with SPSS software which they can use in their Summer Internship Projects.

Mr. Hemant Bisht

Mr. Hemant Bisht, Associate Vice President, IIFM Ltd., delivered a lecture on "Global Financial System" to the students of AKGIM on 20th Aug.2015. During his lecture, he explained about various global financial conditions. By taking different case studies, he made students understand, explained the changing scenario of financial market and its effect on value of currency of different countries. He explained about Subprime crises and European crises and their effects to the students. It gave an overview to them. Session was very fruitful for the students.


Mr. R. Nayak, Head HRD, Anmol Biscuits Pvt Ltd. delivered a Guest Lecture on 16th march 2015 on the topic "Relevance of Summer Internship". Mr. Nayak discussed with the students how their work during SIP may lead to PPO's. He also briefed students about the expectations of the organisations from summer interns. During his discussion, Mr. Nayak insisted upon taking up of live projects. Mr. Nayak told students that no SIP is a good SIP until and unless there is clarity of Project area and its objective. Students were very interactive during the entire session.

Mr.Alok Sharma

Mr Alok Sharma, Chief Manager corporate resource group with IIFM ltd interacted with students of AKGIM on 25th February 2015. Mr. Alok delivered his lecture on various insights of share market, behavioral financing concepts such as speculation, hedging, put call parity, 'Japanese candle stick model', overview of technical analysis and various others. Mr. Sharma delightfully clarified doubts of the students. Session was very informative and participative in which students enjoyed thoroughly.

Ms. Rema Menon

In the series of Guest Lecture, AKGIM organized Guest lecture by Ms. Rema Menon, Vice President Retail, Parsvanath on 13th Feb 2015 . Ms. Menon had a very interactive session with the students. She gave an overview about how real estate and retail work as hand in glove. She told students about real estate management and growth of employees in real estate. Students were very inquisitive while clarifying their doubts. Ms. Menon patiently clarified all the doubts. All students had a very learning session.

Mr. Mukul Gupta

Akgim organized a guest lecture for the MBA students on 9th February 2015. Guest Speaker Mr. MUKUL GUPTA Chairman, Central GST Committee made students understand about tax and its various concomitants. He also discussed about various taxes imposed on various goods and services, briefed about Value Added Tax and its usage . During his lecture students were also briefed about goods and service tax. On this occasion Mr. D.D MAHESHWARI, an alumni of IIM (A), initiator of SEZ's also had an interaction with students. Mr. Maheshwari focused on importance of Summer Internship. He briefed students about expectation of corporate world from management graduates. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly.