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Guest Lecture 2018


Mr. Arun Rawal

On 8th October 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Telecom industry in India." Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of Reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal briefed students about challenges Telecom sector is facing and also discussed about opportunities that India can encash in this sector. Students showed their inquisitiveness during the lecture and therefore, clarified their doubts about the same. Students had a good learning session.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager Brand Solutions, HT Media delivered a guest talk on 28th September 2018 on the topic" Branding, A Strategic Tool" Mr. Shubhang briefed students on how companies can leverage brand management solutions to gain the competitive advantage. Mr. Srivastava discussed examples of Coca-Cola, Lux, Cadburys, Maruti and many more . During lecture, he also emphasized on current practices that various companies are adopting to enhance their respective brands. Session was very interactive, full of learning.

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri

AKGIM organised a Guest talk on 25th August 2018 on the topic "Getting Ready for Success in Corporate World" by Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairperson and Managing Director Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Private Limited. Mr. Sumit discussed how openness to learning will help students to overcome challenges of VUCA world. Session was made interactive by playing a small game with the students that made them to think out of the box. Mr. Chaudhuri not only discussed relevance of self discipline but also positive attitude and how it helps student in relishing success. Students enjoyed session thoroughly.

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava

Mr. Shubhang Srivastava, Deputy Manager, Brand Solutions (HT Media) delivered a lecture on 'BRAND MANAGEMENT' on 27th March 2018. The session highlighted the various elements and attributes of Brand. He also discussed about the Brand Hierarchy and briefed about how any brand is perceived in the market. He also discussed how brand ambassadors play crucial role in building a strong image of the product which he supplemented with the case study of Fair& Lovely and Coca Cola .The session was highly interactive and inspirational for the students.

Mr. Arun Rawal

On 7th March 2018, AKGIM organized a guest lecture on "Strategies of Reliance in Indian market". Lecture was delivered by Mr. Arun Rawal vice president of reliance polymers. Mr. Arun Rawal made students understand how economies of scale are being opted by Reliance that distinguishes it from other competitors. He emphasized on finance aspect also. He also discussed how refinery forms a major contribution to the company's entire net profit. He emphasized on the role of backward integration. Students thoroughly enjoy the interactive session of Mr. Arun Rawal.

Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi

On 25th Jan 2018, AKGIM organised a Guest lecture on "Preparing yourself for the future". Lecture was delivered by Prof. Shiv Shankar Tripathi, a renowned academician. Prof Tripathi made the students understand how the lifestyles and aspirations are changing in today's scenario. He emphasized on the role IoTs and AI in one's life. He stressed on the impact of big data and social media. He also insisted on performing the job in the best possible way. The session turned out to be very useful and had a good learning experience .

Mr. M.C Munjal

Mr. M.C Munjal, MD of Majectisc Auto Ltd interacted with the students of AKGIM on 18-01-2018. He told students that they should evaluate their competencies and work upon them. Mr. Munjal shared his experiences and told students how they can hone their leadership skills. He exhorted students to become ethical corporate leaders. Students were very excited to listen to Mr. Munjal .









Guest Lecture 2017


Mr. Akhilesh Shukla

A guest lecture on Business Analytics was organised on 25th October 2017 in AKGIM. Mr. Akhilesh Shukla, Incident Manager HCL Technologies, delivered the lecture on the same where he made students understand the role of business analysis in an enterprise. Mr. Shukla also emphasised on the importance of Analytics and the tools of Business Analytics for business managers to plan for, predict, and solve problems in a comprehensive way. Students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session of Mr. Shukla.

Mr. Pulkit Saxena

On 24th October 2017, a Guest lecture was organised in the AKGIM, where the guest speaker Mr. Pulkit Saxena, Analytics Expert and consultant delivered a lecture on "Business Analytics". Mr. Pulkit explained the different elements of Business Analytics focusing on the concept of artificial intelligence and Big Data. He also emphasised on the applicability of business analytics for the management students especially in product management and in marketing strategies. He also briefed students about some interesting concept of customer relationship management, social media analytics, Inventory analysis, HR analytics and digital marketing. The session was a good learning experience for all the students.

Mr.Amar Chaudhary

On 31st August 2017, AKGIM organised a two hours motivational lecture by Mr. Amar Chaudhary, renowned motivational speaker. Mr. Chaudhary energised whole audience of MBA and MCA students with his Sprite and guided students as to how they can remain focused and motivated at the same time. He told students that their actions should be representation of their inner self and positive motivation. He was quite interactive and made session interesting.

Mr. Anurag Dubey

A guest lecture on “How to convert SIP into PPO” was organized on March 30, 2017. Mr. Anurag Dubey, HR manager CEBS delivered the lecture. He told students about the importance of summer internship and how students can convert their summer internship into pre-placement offers. During his lecture he also highlighted the career opportunities in the field of sales. Session was quite interesting and interactive. Students showed their inquisitiveness about various aspects of internship and Mr. Anurag delightfully answered their queries.

Mr. Satyavir S. Sharma

On 7thMarch 2017, Mr. Satyavir S. Sharma the principal partner and lead trainer in System Dynamics Ghaziabad, delivered a guest lecture on “Operation Excellence”with M.B.A 1st year student of AKGIM. In the guest lecture, he emphasized on the concept of standardization in achieving excellence i.e. Standards is key to operation excellence. He also pointed out three main functions of operation manager i.e. retention, improvement & breakthrough improvement. Overall the lecture was full of knowledge and gave insights in the area of operations management.

Mr. Satender Singh

A guest lecture on "How Business Intelligence is helping Financial & Marketing institutions grow" was delivered on 16th February, 2017 in AKGIM by Mr. Satender Singh, team leader Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab. Mr. Singh shared his expertise on the said topic. During his lecture, he highlighted that how organizations are using information technology in business intelligence. He, through his own experiences told students that no success can be cherished without hard work. Session was very interactive and interesting.









Guest Lecture 2016


Dr. Frank Bond

AKGIM was privileged to invite Dr. Frank Bond, Head Institute of Management Studies, University of London for delivering a guest session on "Our Organisational Behaviour and Occupational Psychology in Relation to the Leadership Management" on November 18th 2016. Dr. Bond had a very interactive session with our students, he told students why sometimes we predict and perceive persons wrongly based on their behaviour. Dr. Bond gave an insight about motivating our colleagues if one knew their needs and desires. Students enthusiastically listened and also clarified their doubts during the session.

Mrs. Mahalakshmi Loganathan

A guest lecture on" 'STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF MARKET NEEDS" was held on 25th Oct 2016. Mrs.MAHALAKSHMI LOGANATHAN, Vice President Strategy, Linchpin Technologies Pvt Ltd delivered the lecture. She told students how companies strategise according to the customers and also emphasized on adapting changes and reflecting them through strategies. Session was very interactive, students got to know about various strategies that are being adopted by the companies and for their products.

Dr. Sudhir K. Jain

On 19th October 2016, Guest lecture was organised on the topic "The Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in WTO era". Dr. Sudhir K. Jain, Professor IIT Delhi threw light on the topic and discussed about Intellectual property rights (IPRs). He talked about their relevance, GAAT and IPR. Lecture included brief about trademarks, copyrights, patents, industrial design rights, TRIPS, TRIMS and trade secrets. He made it very simple through various examples that made it easy for students to have an insight about the topic. His interaction with the students made the lecture not only knowledgeable but also interesting.

Mr. Vipin Garg

Mr Vipin Garg, Financial Consultant interacted with students of AKGIM on 25th September 2016. Mr. Garg delivered his lecture on various insights of Goods and Service Tax. Mr. Vipin made fundamentals of GST clear in very simple terms and discussed how it is going to benefit the individuals as well as manufacturing sector. He emphasized the long term affect of GST on the Indian economy. Mr. Vipin delightfully clarified doubts of the students. Session was very informative and participative in which students enjoyed thoroughly.

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri

Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairman and Managing Director, THIRD MILLENNIUM BUSINESS RESOURCE ASSOCIATES PRIVATE LIMITED, delivered a lecture on "Campus to Corporate" on 24th August, 2016 to the students of AKGIM. During his lecture, he briefed the students on how to prepare themselves for the coming corporate life. The lecture included an activity for all the students. He told the students 'to dream big' but also to work for it with 'reality'. He emphasized on the outlook of 'success' and said that one should not just superficially view the success of other people instead, one should regard the hard work they have put in to reach that level. The session was highly inspirational for the students.

Prof. Satyavir S. Sharma

Prof. Satyavir S. Sharma, Operations Management Consultant and Trainer, delivered a lecture on "Achieving Operations Excellence" on 14th March 2016 to the students of AKGIM. Mr. Sharma shared his expertise on the said topic. During his lecture, he highlighted that the USP of excellence is 'Strategy'. He also laid emphasis on improvement and knowledge as the key success factors in Operations Management. Lecture included a case study presentation on the application of O&M for the benefit of society. The session was quite interactive and interesting.

Mr. Sudip Mallik

Mr. Sudip Mallik, Founder & CEO Global Learning Company, delivered a lecture on " ENTREPRENEURSHIP: EASE OF DOING BUSINESS " to the students of AKGIM on 11th March, 2016. The session highlighted the different concepts of Entrepreneurship on enhancing the skills and critical thinking of the students as Entrepreneurs. He also discussed with the students, about various initiatives taken by the Government of India under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for new and young Entrepreneurs. The session was highly inspirational for the students.








Guest Lecture 2015

Mr.Sanjeev Goyal

Mr. Sanjeev Goyal, Joint Director ICWAI, delivered a lecture on "Strategic Cost Management" to the students of AKGIM on 3rd October 2015. Mr. Goyal discussed about various dimensions of cost management such as target costing, life cycle costing, profit relationship, quality, cost price and how it can be applied in various business scenarios in different countries. The session was very interactive and participative. Students had an enriching experience.


A guest lecture on "Positive Attitude, Vigour behind Success" by Dr.K.K.Sabharwal was organized for MBA students on 23rd September, 2015 for two hours. Dr. Sabharwal shared his expertise on how to improve performance by having positive mind and attitude. He also made students understand how individual productivity can enhance with ethics and the power of stringent efforts. Dr. Sabharwal created a positive aura which moved the students with positivity.

Dr. Atul Jain

Dr. Atul Jain, Director higher education academy for development, delivered a Guest Lecture on 22nd September 2015 on "Talent Acquisition – A window to corporate world" at AKGIM. Dr Jain discussed about various tools of recruitment and selection process. He also discussed various formats about the job description, job specification and KRA's that are implemented in various organizations. He also briefed students about various focal points that student should keep in mind at the time of interview. During this session, students came to know about expectations of HR at the time of interview. Session was thoroughly enjoyed.

Prof. Shelendra K. Tyagi

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi, Professor (ITS Group of Institutions), delivered a lecture on "Research Techniques in Management using SPSS Software" on 27th April 2011. Mr. Tyagi discussed how the data enters into SPSS from questionnaire and how the analysis is done. The objective of this lecture is to equip the student with SPSS software which they can use in their Summer Internship Projects.

Mr. Hemant Bisht

Mr. Hemant Bisht, Associate Vice President, IIFM Ltd., delivered a lecture on "Global Financial System" to the students of AKGIM on 20th Aug.2015. During his lecture, he explained about various global financial conditions. By taking different case studies, he made students understand, explained the changing scenario of financial market and its effect on value of currency of different countries. He explained about Subprime crises and European crises and their effects to the students. It gave an overview to them. Session was very fruitful for the students.


Mr. R. Nayak, Head HRD, Anmol Biscuits Pvt Ltd. delivered a Guest Lecture on 16th march 2015 on the topic "Relevance of Summer Internship". Mr. Nayak discussed with the students how their work during SIP may lead to PPO's. He also briefed students about the expectations of the organisations from summer interns. During his discussion, Mr. Nayak insisted upon taking up of live projects. Mr. Nayak told students that no SIP is a good SIP until and unless there is clarity of Project area and its objective. Students were very interactive during the entire session.

Mr.Alok Sharma

Mr Alok Sharma, Chief Manager corporate resource group with IIFM ltd interacted with students of AKGIM on 25th February 2015. Mr. Alok delivered his lecture on various insights of share market, behavioral financing concepts such as speculation, hedging, put call parity, 'Japanese candle stick model', overview of technical analysis and various others. Mr. Sharma delightfully clarified doubts of the students. Session was very informative and participative in which students enjoyed thoroughly.

Ms. Rema Menon

In the series of Guest Lecture, AKGIM organized Guest lecture by Ms. Rema Menon, Vice President Retail, Parsvanath on 13th Feb 2015 . Ms. Menon had a very interactive session with the students. She gave an overview about how real estate and retail work as hand in glove. She told students about real estate management and growth of employees in real estate. Students were very inquisitive while clarifying their doubts. Ms. Menon patiently clarified all the doubts. All students had a very learning session.

Mr. Mukul Gupta

Akgim organized a guest lecture for the MBA students on 9th February 2015. Guest Speaker Mr. MUKUL GUPTA Chairman, Central GST Committee made students understand about tax and its various concomitants. He also discussed about various taxes imposed on various goods and services, briefed about Value Added Tax and its usage . During his lecture students were also briefed about goods and service tax. On this occasion Mr. D.D MAHESHWARI, an alumni of IIM (A), initiator of SEZ's also had an interaction with students. Mr. Maheshwari focused on importance of Summer Internship. He briefed students about expectation of corporate world from management graduates. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly.



Guest Lecture 2014

Mr.Akhilesh Shukla

A guest lecture on Business Analytics was organised on 5th September 2014 in AKGIM. Mr.Akhilesh Shukla Sr. Consultant HCL Technologies delivered the lecture on the same where he made students understand the role of business analysis in an enterprise. Mr.Shukla also emphasised on the importance of Analytics and the tools of Business Analytics for business managers to plan for, predict, and solve problems in a comprehensive way.Students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session of Mr.Shukla.

Mr. Hemant Bisht

Mr.Hemant Bisht, Associate VP, IIFM Ltd., delivered a lecture on "Understanding the global economic environment in context with financial market" to the students of AKGIM on 28th Jan.2014. The highlight of his session was the manner in which he explained the inter linkages of macro economics and financial markets by picking up real cases of the financial crises. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session as they got to understand the typical financial concepts in an extremely simplified manner.
















Guest Lecture 2013


Dr.K.K.Sabharwal, Principal at Everonn's IIPS (Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies, Jammu), delivered a lecture on "Employees attitude and organisational fit" to the students of AKGIM on 19th Sept.2013. The lecture was quiet engaging as he discussed, in length, the behavioral linkage between the attitude and its effect on the organization. Having a huge corporate experience of about 30 years, Dr.Sabharwal discuused some of the Live cases from his past experiences.
















Guest Lecture 2011

Mr. Ashim Nayar

Mr. Ashim Nayar, CEO – Agro Food Ltd, interacted with students of AKGIM on 29th of April, 2011. He shared his experiences and intelligences with the students and discussed about the skills which are required by the entrepreneurs. He stressed on actual identification and utilization of the opportunities to become the successful entrepreneur.

Mr. Vinay Gupta

Mr. Vinay Gupta, former Vice President (HR) in the cement division of Jaiprakash Associates Limited (JP Associate) and a former General Manager (Human Resources) at National Capital Region Head Quarters of NTPC Ltd, delivered a guest lecture on GMA and the benefits of GMA membership on 4th May, 2011 at AKGIM Campus. Session turned to be very useful session for the budding managers.

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi

Mr. Dushyant Tyagi, Professor (ITS Group of Institutions), delivered a lecture on "Research Techniques in Management using SPSS Software" on 27th April 2011. Mr. Tyagi discussed how the data enters into SPSS from questionnaire and how the analysis is done. The objective of this lecture is to equip the student with SPSS software which they can use in their Summer Internship Projects.

Prof. S C Srivastava

Prof S C Srivastava, Secretary General National Labour Law Association, and also served the Law Commission of India during 1992-97 and Indian Law Institute as Research Professor from 1998-2004, addressed to the AKGIM students on April 4, 2011 and shared with them the implications of Law in business. The students enjoyed the session and had a good amount of learning of the legal concepts.

Ms. Sarah John

Ms. Sarah John, Senior Manager –Human Resources (TCS) delivered the lecture "Relevance of HR in Modern Organizations" to PGDM I Yr. Students. A Masters in Human Resources from the Bishop Heber College, Trichy, Ms. John has a career track of 12 years in various capacities in the HR department with Tata Consultancy Services. She discussed the various roles a HR Manager has to adopt at various points of time, for fulfilling the Organizational objectives. Session was very informative and participative, students enjoyed the session thoroughly.

Mr. Dheeraj Tandon

Mr. Dheeraj Tandon Manager Corporate HR JK Organisation (EZ) New Delhi , delivered a guest lecture on "Current HR Practices and Issues in the Businesses" on 22 April, 2011. He discussed about the latest challenges which are faced by the Managers in the today's world and how they solve them in the practical manner.

Dr. G.D. Sardana

Dr. G.D. Sardana Professor (Productions and Operations Management) interacted with students of PGDM I Yr. on the topic "Role of outsourcing in present business scenario" on 10 March, 2011 at AKGIM Campus. He spoke to students at length, about the importance and types of outsourcing.

Dr. K. C. Gupta

As part of Industry- Interface Programme, Dr.K.C.Gupta, Corporate Deputy HR Manager, M/S KRIBHCO, delivered a guest lecturer in the AKGIM Campus on 18th of March, 2011. He discussed with students about the new age skills required by today's Managers and also about the employment opportunities in the Fertilizer Sector.








Guest Lecture 2010

Ms. Ankita Arora

As a part of Industry-Institute Interface program a Workshop was organized in association with our media partner The Hindu on Interview Techniques on Thursday 09/12/2010 at 11:00AM by Ms. Anika Arora, Corporate Trainer from Partners in Teaching.

Ms. Mr. Anurag Dubey

As a part of our Industry-Institute Interface Lecture program Mr. Anurag Dubey, HR Manager from Acube-Promotions Pvt. Ltd delivered a Guest Lecture on 04/10/2010. He discussed about HR Practices and challenges faced by fresher's.

Mr. Roshan Sohail

Mr. Roshan Sohail, founder of RighTrack Creative Foundation delivered a workshop at AKGIM campus on December 8, 2010. The workshop was focused on personality development, motivation, team building & communication. Presently Mr. Roshan is associated with Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training, delivering personality development/soft skills modules for aspiring cabin crew.

Mr. Ritesh Dua

The summer project report evaluation was conducted on 21st Oct 2010 in the college campus. Mr Ritesh Dua, Chief Manager, IndusInd Bank and Mr. Raman Chopra, Sales Manager, AGEON Religare were industry experts in the panel of evaluators.

Dr. Kamna Malik

Dr. Kamna Malik, Assistant Dean, Research U21 Global, delivered the guest lecture on IT Applications in business, and it was appreciated a lot by the students of AKGIM.

Ma Foi

A whole day Mock Interview Session was conducted on 8th October 2010. The interviews were taken by the panel members consisted of expert faculty members and experts from industry like Mr. B N Bharti (Regional Manager-CRD), Mr. Pankaj Thakur (Manager-CRD) and Megha (Consultant) from Ma Foi Randstad. Initially the workshop was started with SIP presentation of student with HR stream followed by mock interviews.
All in all it was a very enriching experience which showed the students a different dimension and a better understanding of interview skills.

Dr. Manoj Sinha

Professor Dr. Manoj Sinha delivered a guest lecture on Leadership and its importance in Government and as well industry at AKGIM Campus on 5th February.

Mrs. Vijayanthi Jagannathaa

Mrs. Vijayanthi Jagannathaa, an HRD consultant providing training solutions in the area of soft skills to corporate & colleges delivered a 3 day workshop at AKGIM Campus on 18 August 2010 . She is the founder director of the organization TASK-Training in Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. Currently she is also a faculty in the panel of reputed institutions like Madras Management Association (MMA) and Centre for Excellence in Organization (CEO).

The workshop focused on Personality Building, Logical Thinking, Success Skill Matrix etc.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh

Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh, Associate Professor, IMT Ghaziabad delivering lecture on INSTITUTION BUILDING

Dr. Vinod Dumblekar

Dr. Vinod Dumblekar, an MBA, Ph D is a trainer, researches, multi-disciplinary consultant & Management, teacher with over 3 decades of extensive managerial & entrepreneurial experience in commercial & merchant banking, finance &financial services, information technologies & Mgmt education conducted a One Day workshop at AKGIM.

The games conducted were in two forms: competitions & learning programs. Ice Breaker BRANDISH, Head start, Business Insight, My Firm, Challenge, Orchestra and In Genius are  some of MANTI'S most  popular brands.

Mr. Hemant Bisht

Mr. Hemant Bisht on 16th August 2010, visited our AKGIM campus and delivered a lecture on Capital Market. In his presentation, he focused on derivatives like forwards, futures and options. Also, he emphasized on the reason behind the lesser trade of Indian rupee and about its partial convertibility. He has given knowledge about financial sector. He also talked about financial management of various companies which is very important factor because without effective financial management no company can survive. He also told the merits of NISM (National Institute of security market). After an insight on the capital market, students gained knowledge which would help them in their future endeavors.

Mr. Hemant Bisht is a Post graduate in Mathematical Economics & National merit scholarship holder from HRD ministry, Government of India. He represented India in global economics conference held in Istanbul. His research papers were selected for publishing in Research Journals of Mid-west Economic Association, Chicago & Eurasia Business & Economic society, Turkey.

Being a trainer at heart his foray at IIFM was mainly driven by his passion for training corporate leaders & executives. He completed various trainers' certification at Kotak Mahindra group. He trained more than 2000 professionals from BFIS sector makes him one of the leading trainers & a pillar of strength for IIFM. At IIFM, he looks after the complete operations of North India

Mr. Kamal Singh

Mr. Kamal Singh, Director, AIMA, New Delhi visited the campus and discussed about the "Emerging Challenges in Global Business" with the students of the esteemed institute, AKGIM. He shared his views, knowledge and experience with the student regarding the Indian Businesses.

Mr. Ankur Jain

Mr. Ankur Jain, Head Marketing and Mobile Divisions LIQVID e-learning Services Private Limited. Visited campus and encouraged students to create a brand in them bt also explained the roles they play in building the institution.

Mr. S. Radhakrishnan

Mr. S. Radhakrishnan, V.P. , Maitri Communications makes presentation on Branding Strategies for B-Schools.

Mr. Arun Jain

Mr. Arun Jain, Director, A. S. Software makes presentation on On Line Teaching System in B-Schools.

Prof. B. D. Singh

Prof B. D. Singh, Ex Chairman Nalco and faculty at reputed Business Schools like MDI Gurgaon, IMT Ghaziabad sharing histhoughts on Industrial Relations and Organizations.

Mr. Mahesh Saxena

Mr Mahesh Saxena, CEO of NOIDA LOK MANCH, an NGO at NOIDA addressing students regarding the relevance of inclusive growth for susutainlable business.

Dr. Keerti Sharma

Dr Keerti Sharma associated with institutions like EDI Ahmedabad conducting a class on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The class used pedagogy of creativity and idea generation.

Dr. R L Chawla

Dr R L Chawla, Professor International Business ( Retd ) JNU New Delhi sharing his thoughts on doing international business in present context.

Ms. Nandini Sharma

An eminent guest speaker Ms. Nandini Sharma (Account Manager, Sales & Marketing, RELIANCE MEDIA WORLD LTD (BIG 92.7 FM) addressed AKGIM students on Sept. 18, 2010 on Sales Vs Marketing. She projected light on the job prospects & corporate culture in areas of sales and marketing.

She also emphasized the industry scenario and expectations of corporate from management graduates. Towards the end of the lecture students were enlightened with knowledge of corporate culture & differences between sales & marketing.

NIESBUD Officials

Visit of NIESBUD officials was held at AKGIM Campus on 18th October 2010.During the visit Er. Vinod Gupta, (Director) NIESBUD and Professor H. P. Singh (Senior Consultant) NIESBUD interacted with faculty members and students and highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship for self growth and overall nation building process. During the visit they appreciated the Infrastructure of Campus and as well as the commitment shown by the AKGIM Family for promotion of entrepreneurship in the country as their social responsibility efforts.

Mr. Ritesh Jain

Mr. Ritesh Jain, Director TIME, Ghaziabad interacting with students of AKGIM and focusing on thinking without ink and it was highly appreciated by the students.

Padma Shri Dr. Kiran Seth

Padma Shri Dr. Kiran Seth of IIT Delhi who is also the founder of SPIC MACAY Society of India discussing the importance of Indian Culture amongst the youth. He also highlighted the importance of Indian way of living for long term success.

Lt Col (Retd) Sumant Khare

Lt Col (Retd) Sumant Khare, Renowned Management & Corporate trainer, and Ms Manju Rai, Certified Coach - Results Coaching Systems, Australia, interacting with students, 14th October 2010.