Student life is always at a high in any B School. Learning is extended beyond the classrooms and is just the right mix of regulation and responsibility. The environment at AKGIM is congenial for development of the students and complements the management education. Students are directly involved in every facet of AKGIM life, creating opportunities and utilizing them, dealing in life-size projects that instill a great deal of confidence. Each student has the opportunity to come up with ideas and see through its implementation, to learn by doing and by experiencing the real world.

Clubs and Committees

Clubs and Committees

Different committees operate under the Students' Society, by the name of SAMATVA, thus helping students to discover, develop and promote their talent as well as personality by planning and organizing different academic and cultural events.

Social Responsibilities

Along with the rigor of the management studies, the students are also sensitized towards their social responsibilities by getting associated with different types of social activities. The students are encouraged to participate in Blood Donation Camps. They visit schools for the underprivileged and Old Age homes enabling them to remain connected to the ground realities of the world.

AKGIM Social Responsibilities
Biz Thought Leader

Biz Thought Leader

Interaction with industry has to be a key imperative in any business school, to hone managerial potential, AKGIM creates platforms for students' interactions with corporate in order to sharpen their view and to get a broad perspective on real time happenings in the business in particular and society at large. These interactions are in the form of workshops, panel discussions, seminars and guest lectures, which also serve to showcase AKGIM and foster industry-academia relationships.

Inter-college Activities

Students of the college are encouraged to participate in various cultural, social and literary activities like 'Vibrations' the cultural fest and 'Saksham', the sports meet along with various other events at many a colleges. These events bring in students from various parts of the country converging to compete with each other.

AKGIM Inter-college Activities
AKGIM Seminar


Students often initiate, organize and become part of Debate and Quiz competitions, inviting students from different colleges, creating an environment of healthy competition. These activities create a great learning opportunity for those who organize it


The above mentioned events/activities at AKGIM are regular phenomenon. It raises the enthusiasm of students and contributes towards the overall development of students. The array of events is what keeps the freshness of AKGIM alive. Active minds and hearts are what AKGIM treasures and endeavors for, and, redefine the very essence of post graduate studies.

AKGIM Events